Thursday, February 4, 2010

KTLA Live from Legends MMA / BeSpun – Links & Footage

Thanks to all the Legends / BeSpun members who showed up and threw down this morning for our live broadcast on KTLA with Ally MacKay. We had three fantastic pieces air between 5-8am this morning. With a combined packed house from both sides of the gym, as well as Eddie and Amir’s pole-dancing, the three hours blew by instantly, and everybody seemed to have a fun time.

Kudos to everybody from BeSpun, 10th Planet, and Legends MMA for showing up in great spirits and creating a very all-inclusive sense of team morale. Especially for 5:00 in the morning!

Here are the pieces as they ran on-air:

5am – KTLA – variety of combat sports

6am – KTLA – Sexy Chicks with Sexy Tricks

7am – KTLA – fitness & a high-impact workout

And as an added bonus, here’s one of several bloopers from between takes:

Special thanks to Janet Orsi / Orsi Public Relations for helping make this happen.

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