Thursday, September 24, 2009

BeSpun Ladies Competing in CA State Championships – October 8th in Hollywood!!

As the marriage between Legends MMA and BeSpun settles in, we’re only more likely to see Leigh Ann’s lovely ladies walking around the gym in their bikini tops and boy shorts. And for those of you who’ve always wondered what these sexy sirens are about, now is a great chance to see them in action (and bet believe you won’t be disappointed).

On October 8th in Hollywood, no less than five BeSpun dancers will be competing at the California Pole Dance Championship. This event is to promote pole dancing as a competitive sport and will feature 19 dancers and other performers. This year, BeSpun is sending more dancers than any other studio, including Natasha, Yvonne, Reiko, Lisa, and Amy (our lovely office manager), and former BeSpun instructor Estee. The show starts at 10pm at The Green Door in Hollywood.

For a sexy break from the punch-kick-choke routine, come out to the California Pole Dance Championship and support the sisters of BeSpun.

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