Wednesday, July 15, 2009

About our new location . . .

To all our members,

The move out of our space on La Brea was sudden and unanticipated. I apologize if any of you were left feeling uninformed or unappreciated. The sudden move came from a change in the ownership of the company and an inability to reach a new lease agreement with the landlord. This has now led to a great opportunity for us and our students.

After three years in business as Legends MMA the staff and I were no longer satisfied with the existing partnership agreement. Both Mr. Rutten and Mr. Couture have been very busy and unable to fulfill their obligations to Legends MMA. We have all agreed to part ways amicably.

The next issue that effects this move is my future marriage to Leigh Ann Orsi. For those of you who don't know her Leigh Ann is the owner of BeSpun, our next door neighbor. We have been dating 5 years, since Leigh Ann became a Thai Boxing student at my previous gym and we are going to be married on September 5, 2009. Now that we are getting married, she and I are in a position to run all of our operations through one billing system, one front desk and to unify our staff. This will offer many benefits to students including online scheduling and account management, combining membership packages to include Cycling and Pole Dancing classes, as well as expanding our gym family.

As I stated in the last letter sent out to members, we have reached a lease agreement on a beautiful location in the heart of West Hollywood. Unfortunately, we have been unable to procure the needed permits from the City of West Hollywood and have been forced to choose a new location in the City of Los Angeles. This has delayed our opening significantly and will force us to open after our wedding and honeymoon We have both realized that although their are some inconveniences with Hollywood Gym, there is no advantage to rushing into the new facility and suffering the inherit mistakes that come with haste. We also hope that everyone understands that our wedding is very important to us and that it would not be fair to ourselves to enter this union under extreme stress. Given the time constraints of our wedding date and the building timeline we expect to open our new location Oct 1, 2009.

What is most important about Legends is and always will be the the quality of instruction you receive in our classes. Everyone who works at Legends are bright, articulate, experienced teachers who love their jobs, their students and gives quality attention to their work. Believe me, the proof is in you, our students. You carry the knowledge we impart everyday and draw upon it inside the gym and out. Anyone who has trained in other gyms knows you cannot gain these skills elsewhere. I can make that statement with confidence. Myself, Peter, Jimmy, Brady, Amir, Conor, and Takashi enjoy and appreciate working with all of you. We do this because we have the opportunity to change peoples lives everyday. To change the way students view themselves and the world around them.

I have a new email address dedicated to Legends and BeSpun students: Any of you, can reach me there, anytime with any questions, concerns or comments. I will do my best to reply to them all personally. Your satisfaction is and always will be paramount. Tell us what we can do to make the transition smoother.

Remember we are all being granted access to the cardio machines, sauna and locker rooms at Hollywood Gym. We are offering 2 hrs validated parking in our old parking structure. Students must validate at our temporary front office located at BeSpun, 1636 N La Brea Ave. Cieara, Amy and Ceala will be at the desk at BeSpun at all times to answer any questions you may have. We really hope that you will be able to bear with us for the next couple months and help us make the most of this situation. We ask you to continue to train and improve your skills and fitness. We look forward to rejoining 10TH planet ju-jitsu and debuting our beautiful and permanent location this fall.

Thank you always for your support and I will see you in the gym.

Best Regards,

Chris Reilly
Owner - Legends MMA

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DansMuayThaiMMA said...

Is Eddie still teaching at your gym?